Commercial or classical artist, this blog post will discuss how to make your singing voice stronger. Level: intermediate

How do I make my voice stronger?

This is a common question I hear from commercial singers, but we can apply the approach to classically trained voices as well. The secret here is not to give “more vocal effort”…

“Hey Mitchell!

So, I have a brand new male student. He is currently in school and just wants to sing for fun. His range is currently from a G3-G5, and transitions to falsetto around the passaggio. My question for you is: how do I navigate the passaggio with him initially? In graduate…

This article discusses how to provide voice lessons to an established artist.

Level: Beginner (published with permission from MH Voice Studio™)

The slow start

Whenever a teacher opens a voice studio for the first time, they start by working with beginning level talent. Like any new business, building a brand in those first…

Dr. Mitchell Hutchings, DMA

@mhvoicestudio | Vocalist, Educator, Vocal Arranger, and Writer

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